Magenta Flowers Referral Scheme


Do you work in the Wedding or Funeral sector? As a Florist or Wedding Photographer perhaps? Maybe you are an influencer or a previous customer who has had an outstanding experience and would like to help us spread the word?
If so, we have some great news for you! 🎉
We have a referral scheme where you will earn 7.5automatically from any customer you refer to us who purchase through your link or through a unique code given to you. Not only this, but the person buying will receive a massive 7.5% off as well too! So they definitely have a good reason to purchase through you.


How does it work?

Just fill in your details on the next page to become auto approved to our Affiliate Marketing scheme. You will receive a unique code that you can give to customers to enter as a discount code whilst at the checkout stage eg "Hannah10" or they can just click on a link that you provide them (you can embed this link on images on link it on your website or youtube or however you like). Once someone makes a purchase we will see something like this:

When you sign up you need to enter your paypal or bank account details that you wish to be paid into (we prefer paypal for quick transfers). Now you can help others to receive discounted products from us, whilst earning yourself a commision and helping us grow! We truly value all the help we can get so please consider joining our wedding affiliate scheme below. Thanks
Wedding Affiliate