Current Vacancies

Freelance Artist x 4

Magenta Flowers is an art studio start-up with big ambitions! We aim to be the market leader in flower preservation and a household brand name.

Magenta Flowers specialise in flower preservation, in other words; turning flowers from special occasions into beautiful handmade works of art and jewellery that customers can treasure forever. These flowers tend to be from special occasions such as weddings & funerals.

Magenta Flowers was started a couple of years ago, and we just celebrated our 1st birthday of being studio based in July 2022. Despite this, we have managed to serve thousands of customers and amassed over 1,000 positive reviews; as well as winning a number of awards for flower preservation, entrepreneurship and customer service.

You can learn more about us here:

The Role

Due to huge customer demand, we want to offer people the opportunity to work with us as self-employed artists. Your role will be to sand, polish and apply the finishing touches to orders so they can be shipped out to customers. 

How it works:

  • Magenta Flowers provides the tools, deskspace and training for you to be able to complete orders.
  • You are then paid commission for every order completed to a satisfactory level.
  • You are free to work any hours you choose, as many or as few hours as you want per week (minimum output may apply).

Commission Structure

You will be paid a % of the overall Order Value based on how many orders are completed each month. The commission begins at 10% of an orders value and scales up by 1% each 10 orders to a maximum of 15% commission per order. Our Average Order Value is £157. So you can expect to earn £15.7 for completing an order on 10% Commission.

We expect you to realistically be able to complete around 3 orders per day in your first couple of months whilst learning and then speed up to around 6+ per day once you have had time to practise.

Who Will This Role Suit?

Having experience with Fine Art / Handcrafts / DT / Woodworking or jewellery making is an advantage but not necessary. As this role allows you to pick and choose the days and hours you wish to work, it may be a great fit for students or anyone else who needs part time hours. Anyone with the hunger to work hard, make money, and is willing to learn a new trade and accept constructive feedback is welcome to apply.

We have room for an additional 4 artists, if you feel you are a good fit please apply by emailing

Thank you!