Flower Drying Guide

Dried flowers are a fantastic way to add a personal touch to any number of craft projects, and our flower drying kit makes it easy to preserve your flowers for future use. But how do you go about packing your flowers within the silica gel? Below, you'll find a step-by-step guide that covers everything you need to know.
 This guide is specifically for customers who have ordered our flower drying kit. If you are planning to send flowers back to us please ensure you have ordered your drying kit as well as the items you'd like us to make. Packing your flowers in this way will prevent them from wilting in transit. Flower Preservation is a great way to preserve your memories and keep them for many years to come. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

How many flowers should you pack?

The amount of flowers that need to be packed will be determined by the quantity and size of the items you wish to create. Please take into account the size of your own flowers vs the mould of the item. Below is a breakdown of what you will need depending on what you are making...

Resin Jewellery

When making resin jewellery we only require petals from your flowers. You are welcome to send us whole flowers instead of just petals, just in case you would like to add to your order with us. Please take into account any other items you are making when packing.

Resin Jewellery

Resin Items

Our resin items, such as a 10cm heart or 11cm letters, only require a handful of flowers. This is a handful per item you have ordered, so ensure you pack enough for all your items. If you have space to pack more, please do so. You are able to save dried flowers that haven't been used.

Flower Preservation

Bigger Resin Items 

Our larger resin items will require much more flowers to fill the mould unless you are looking for a sparse design. We recommend packing as many flowers as you can fit, don't worry we'll show you how to optimise space.

 Flower Preservation

Shadow Box / Bell Jar

If you have ordered a Shadow Box (Bereavement Box) or Preserved Flower Jar it is important that you pack as many flowers as you can if not all of them. This way we can recreate your bouquet within your shadow box or bell jar.

Shadow Box

How to safely open flower petals?

Some thinner items will require you to open the petals of flowers such as roses or tulips. It will not apply for items which are not thin and flat such as letters. If you intend to create a thin item such as a trinket dish, coaster, or clutch bag these flowers will need to be pressed in drying. Here are three easy steps to safely open your flowers:

Step One:

Gently open the petals out layer by layer. You will slowly see the inside of the rose as you open the layers. Tear petals from the inside of the rose to ensure it is flat.

Step Two: 

Ensure the flower sits flat in the palm of your hand and continue to place it in the silica. Ensuring the petals are not folded in any way.

Step Three:

Press the flower gently into the silica and place more crystals on top. Press gently once more to ensure the flower is pressed whilst in transit to us.

 Pressed Flowers

 How to safely pack your flowers?

You are finally ready to start packing your flowers within the silica gel. The following pages will be guiding you on how to save space and safely pack your flowers.

Step One:

To make the most of your space in a container and to ensure all flowers are covered by silica, trim the stems to the bud, like so:silica gel for drying flowers

You can keep some of the stems on your flowers. But it is best to only do this for a few flowers. Cut 1-2 cm from the flower bud. If you have a shadow box or bell jar, we will put everything back together for you. Just make sure to add the stems to the box.

dried flowers for resin

Step Two:

If you have a closed flower that you have not opened, start by placing silica gel on top like so:

dried flower art

Step Three:

Start by adding a thin layer of crystals. Next, add the flowers flat on top. Make sure that each layer has some silica gel in between. Do this until your container is full.

silica gel for drying flowers

Step Four:

After you have put the final layer of flowers in, add any greenery like leaves and stems. Make sure everything is secure, and then your flowers are now in the drying stage! You can now post them to us or wait 2 weeks for them to be completely dry.

How to post your flowers to us?

If you have ordered flower preservation services on our website, you are now ready to send your flowers to us!

Step One:

Ensure the container is full to the brim with silica gel. This will prevent your flowers from moving when in transit.

Step Two:

Secure your container with cellotape to avoid the lid opening during transit. This is not essential, however, we do recommend this step. Add your postage sticker to the top of the container.

 Step Three:

You're ready to send your flowers to us! Please post them to:

Magenta Flowers,

Bexley Engine House,

2 Veridion Way,



This will not be applicable if you have not placed an order on our website.