Frequently Asked Questions 

To make the process of flower preservation easier for our customers, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions! If you still need help with anything or would like more information about how it works here at Magenta Flowers, just contact us by going on over to our Contact Us page and filling out your name along with any messages that might be needed.

How long does it take for you to make my items? 

Your flower keepsake will be delivered to you within a 6-12 month time frame. This may vary depending on the number of items you have ordered and the size of the items. You can check on your order status by visiting our Check Your Order Status page - we'll keep everyone informed throughout the process and welcome questions at hello@magentaflowers.co.uk if there is anything more than just updates needed. 

How do I send my flowers to you? 

To ensure your flowers arrive in the best condition possible, we recommend using Royal Mail 24-hour delivery. Our experience with other delivery services like Hermes where packages are often delivered badly damaged or lost - is what led us to choose a postal service that offers better protection for all parties involved! You can also hand-deliver them if preferred this information will be sent to you within your confirmation email.

How do I safely pack my flowers in order to post?  

You can help flowers stay healthy by following these simple steps.

Step One: Cut the stems of the flowers at an angle to help them collect moisture whilst they are traveling to us.
Step Two: Take a handful or a few sheets of kitchen roll, ensuring its damp wrap this around the end of the flower stems to keep them hydrated in transit.
Step Three: Add tin foil around the tissue to ensure no moisture escapes. Then place the steps in a sandwich bag and close as much as possible.
Step Four: Cover the buds of the flower in kitchen roll, but do NOT dampen this tissue. This is to protect the flowers in transit.
Step Five: Package the flowers into a box, ideally upright but we know this isn't always possible. If not lay them down and ensure paper padding fills the rest of the box so the flowers don't move too much. Add a fragile sticker and your order number and you're ready to send you flowers!

How many flowers should I send?

The amount of flowers you provide for your preserved items will vary depending on the type and size. For some flower preservation methods, such as our Bell Jar and Shadow Boxes options for wedding bouquet preservation - you'll need a large number of flowers or your entire bouquet. However, if you want to send small portions for resin items then we recommend using only 1 handful per item instead.

Can I pre-order?

Why wait? With our pre-order system, you can have a beautiful floral keepsake for any occasion. Just send us an email to let us know when it is and we will ensure we have the space to accommodate your flowers!

I am planning a destination wedding, can you accommodate this?

Of course! You can take the hassle out of sending your flowers to us by using our Flower Drying Kit! The perfect solution for those who live overseas or have a destination wedding, this package supplies everything you need in order to set up the drying process before they get here. Getting them preserved early on where you are will ensure they stay in the best condition, there won't be anything left but beautiful keepsakes!

What flowers can you work with? 

We're here to make your floral dreams come true! We specialize in everything from artificial flowers, to sugar-based creations, and even previously dried plants. If you've ever kept a special flower arrangement, we can help you transform it into a keepsake you can display.

Can you create customised orders?

We want to make sure that your preserved flowers are custom-made for you! Whether it's a design or an item not found on our website, let our team know via our Contact Us page and we'll do our best to bring your vision to life! We also have a range of personalisation options available on our Resin Charm page to make your items more tailored to you!

 Can you add ashes into pieces?

Unfortunately, we don't offer the option of adding ashes to any items - this is based on our family's choice and hope you find someone else who can provide it. We are able to add other sentimental items to create a memorial keepsake, such as photos or clothing. 

What are your items made out of?

We use resin, also known as epoxy resin to create our keepsakes. The resin we use ensures UV, waterproof and scratch-resistant coverage once cured, and won't yellow over time! Epoxy resin is also known for being environmentally friendly, made from organic plant sources it is proven to not be toxic for the environment or humans.

Can you dry all flowers?

We are confident that with the right care, any flower will be close enough to its original colour and shape after drying. However, due to some variations in natural flowers, it's not possible for us always ensure this consistency across all types of dried products! Some exotic types do change colour or texture upon drying such as calla lilies or orchids to name just few - but we will always try our best!

What if my flowers change in their drying process?

We know that flowers may change colour during their drying process. Sometimes they will become a deeper shade of pink, whilst at other times not hold onto any hint of red whatsoever! However, we do have options for those occasions where your favourite flower has lost its gorgeous appearance- our talented team can spray or paint over the less vibrant hues to preserve them just as you would want them, preserved in memory of what was once there before. Don't worry, we'll always check with you before this!

How many flowers should you pack?

 The amount of flowers that need to be packed will be determined by the quantity and size of the items you wish to create. Please take into account the size of your own flowers vs the mould of the item. Below is a breakdown of what you will need depending on what you are making...

Resin Jewellery

When making resin jewellery we only require petals from your flowers. You are welcome to send us whole flowers instead of just petals, just in case you would like to add to your order with us. Please take into account any other items you are making when packing.

Resin Items

Our resin items, such as a 10cm heart or 11cm letters, only require a handful of flowers. This is a handful per item you have ordered, so ensure you pack enough for all your items. If you have space to pack more, please do so. You are able to save dried flowers that haven't been used.

Bigger Resin Items 

Our larger resin items will require much more flowers to fill the mould unless you are looking for a sparse design. We recommend packing as many flowers as you can fit.

Shadow Box / Bell Jar

If you have ordered a Shadow Box (Bereavement Box) or Preserved Flower Jar it is important that you pack as many flowers as you can if not all of them. This way we can recreate your bouquet within your shadow box or bell jar.