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[July 2022 update]

Resin Tables: We are working on September 2021 orders on the resin tables. If you haven’t received an email confirming we have started production, we will be sending this to you soon. 

Sanding & Polishing : We are sanding / polishing August & September 2021 orders & smaller items which consist of jewellery items only. 

We can ensure you that your flowers are safe with us, and we are working hard to transform them into your stunning keepsakes.

For context, we were a home-based business until July 2021 and scaling up has presented challenges in terms of recruiting and training new staff whilst maintaining an impeccable standard of product and quality. This is not to mention the setbacks we have had due to covid outbreaks and resin shipment delays from abroad.

We completely understand your frustration over the length of time it has taken to create your items and we apologise. We have recently hired 10 additional finishing artists as well as an additional customer service assistant to ensure you are all kept up to date. We hope that these additional artists will help us tackle the backlog of orders and get us back on track! 

Your understanding and patience with us during these tough times are highly appreciated by a small business trying the best they can to grow and scale, we really can’t thank you enough!