Create a Showstopper Cake Stand

Create a Showstopper Cake Stand

Ashley de Ste Croix Ashley de Ste Croix
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Is there anything more impressive than a beautifully decorated resin cake stand? Whether you're looking to create a showstopper for your next event or simply want to add some character to your kitchen décor, a cake stand is the way to go. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating a one-of-a-kind cake stand, so get creative and have fun with it! In this blog post, I'll share some of my favourite tips and tricks for creating stunning cake stands. So, gather up your supplies and let's get started!

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The Classic Cake Stand

Displaying a classic cake stand for an easy gathering is really simple, and only really requires a two tier cake stand. Most of these stands will have sweet food on top, such as desserts or biscuits, and savoury foods on the bottom tier which can be anything from sandwiches to dinner rolls! You're sure to impress even your most difficult guests when you bring out this elegant resin cake stand at any time during your celebration festivities. The beauty of using cake stands is whether you've been cooking all day long or just popped around town before guests arrive, they make everything look stunningly arranged regardless.

 Cake Stand


Using a Cake Stand for Big Events

What's more impressive than displaying your beautifully crafted platter on a cake stand? Not many things really! When you use your cake stand as serving platters for large parties or events, it'll be easy to save space by adding height to your food table instead of multiple dishes that will lay flat. We would suggest using a three tier cake stand for each food category (starters, main, dessert), just to ensure you have enough table space. You may even consider including a cake turntable so your guests can easily turn the stand to their favourite dish. Your guests will love being able to grab their favourite dishes and snacks without having too much trouble seeing what else is available because everything will have its own shelf on your resin cake stand. Plus adding these extra pieces makes an alluringly vast impression; who could say no to your beautifully laid out platter?


Turning your Cake Stand into a Cheese Board  

With the endless possibilities of what to put on your cheese board, it is no wonder that many people find themselves running out space. A resin cake stand will come in handy for keeping all those favourites organized and ready to access! Keeping things organised is easy with a tiered cake stand. Not only does it have room for everything, but you'll also be able to present them in style! The perfect host never shares their secrets so let ours remain intact by using these beautiful pieces of equipment that are sure not just to impress but satisfies every palate as well!

Two Tier Cake Stand


Including a Cake Stand in your Summer BBQ

You can make your summer BBQ memorable by adding a little extra something. Cake Stands are the perfect place to put down any food items that are ready to come off the grill, and you don't have to worry about holding them for too long asking who wants the next burger or hot dog! All it takes is a two-tier cake stand in order to get everyone excited about their delicious meal while keeping things tidy as well. Another suggestion would be a cake stand with a dome, this will stop any insects getting to your food before you do!

You can make your BBQ even fancier by adding a snack stand. This will keep guests satisfied while you grill their main course, and you'll have more space on the table for all those meals! You could display fruits or nuts elegantly instead of creating a busy and unorganised table - just one beautiful resin cake stand with all your side dishes perfectly placed on it.


Style your Afternoon Tea with a Cake Stand 

Afternoon tea is a great excuse to host a gathering! The elegant and classy tradition is made more so with the addition of cake stands. Our resin cake stand is a great addition to an afternoon tea, and they're definitely a conversation starter as it's custom to you! We handmake each customer's stand using their wedding flowers, which makes for a one-of-a-kind piece that will add some flair at your next afternoon tea. With their elegant design and traditional styling, they'll be a beautiful addition to any table - especially when your in-laws are coming over.

These sturdy afternoon tea stands add height to your table and hold your smaller dishes, so you don't have problems finding space when the time comes to lay your table. We would suggest at least a two tier cake stand, depending on the number of guests you have attending. It is easy to create stunning designs with your food on a cake stand for afternoon tea, as you'll need to cut your food small. Once you've created your 'finger food'; organize them beautifully in rows while making sure they're close together but not overlapping each other too much at once. Now enjoy your beautifully organized afternoon tea!

Three Tier Cake Stand


Keep Desserts out of Reach with a Cake Stand

We can't think of anything that sounds better than including desserts for your showstopper cake stand. The possibilities are endless, from chocolate strawberries to brownies, these will be great at any event including weddings and family gatherings! You can choose the height of you resin cake stand depending on how many desserts you plan to serve. By adding in this extra touch, you're ensuring everyone has their favourites, so they don’t go unsatisfied. This is a great option for our Mum hosts, you'll have first access without little hands getting there first (which we know isn't always easy), as it is out of reach on your cake stand. A three tier cake stand, also known as a dessert tower, may be better fit for the purpose of keeping those little fingers away!

Create a Showstopper Centrepiece

Why not create a stunning centrepiece for your dining table with that old resin cake stand you have laying around? You can be as creative and unique in design as possible. These are perfect ways to keep all those bits organized, while still having them displayed proudly - it's up to YOU what kind of ornaments they will become! Maybe even use this opportunity when making new holiday centrepieces from scratch each season so everything matches perfectly throughout the year- don't forget we're talking about style here too.

Decorative Cake Stand


With so many ways to use a cake stand, it's a must-have for any kitchen or host. Our resin cake stand is the perfect solution for those looking for a cake stand; our designs are unique as they're made from your own flowers which we preserve. So, whether you have flowers leftover from your wedding day or would like to create an item to remember someone by, our stands are perfect for preserving these special moments as well as making them last even longer!

Last Updated: 17/08/2022

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